time series | 02. naked time

- A Pratt CE Industrial Design Project - 


Although RUSCH, the 2$ wall clock has been a very successful product,
IKEA is looking for a new design to replace it. 

Design Brief

Create a new clock that has a clean design, enduring for the next 10 years. 


To break out of the mould of the original RUSCH clock, rather literally, I decided to focus on its vital - the movement and the 3 hands that make a clock, a clock.



I also started working on material selection and the new mould to protect the movement. 


To achieve the final result, I made two wooden moulds for vacuum-forming - a process that is easily scaled up as a manufacturing method, maintaining the price range of the original Rusch Clock. I also decided to drop the colours, as the new transparency of the plastic fits in well with the naked movement.