- A General Assembly Project -

Platform: Mobile App


Boston offers means and opportunities for people to recycle,
but not everyone has to motivation or knows the proper way to recycle.
With “Recycle It,” users will form a habit of recycling
through a gamification of the learning process for separating different recycling products. 

Research Findings

 Too much information about WHY we should recycle rather than HOW we could do it
Instructions are confusing so it’s hard to get started


Stella, 24, assistant account manager who is busy but likes to do community work when possible.
Behaviour: Separates trash when she remembers to
“I wish there was an easy and effortless way to understand the rules. I’m just not sure what to do.”
Goal: Make recycling a habit
Needs: Something to get her started


The Concept

Like how people physically sort trash by putting them in separating bins, I divided the difficulty levels according to the number of different types of recyclable materials. 



How the Game Works

The user would LOG an item IN every time he or she recycles that item. The more times the user logs in, and the more types of items he or she recycles, the sooner they will reach Level 2: managing 2 types of recycling materials. 

UI Sketches & User Flow

1. Welcome screen lets the user first chooses the level of difficulty
2. Level 1 requires the user to only know how to recycle 1 type
3. Home screen appears and lets the user add in item to start their log. 


The user would swipe left or right to navigate between screens. 

A simple achievement system motivates the user to keep logging items in to find out how they have helped make an impact.